Leading Electrical Solutions Electrical Surge protection device

What is a surge protection device?

It’s a device that has been designed to protect electrical and electronic devices from potential voltage surges which could cost you greatly.

Surge protection devices (SPD’s) are designed to prevent over voltages from damaging your equipment at home or in the work place. If you think of the great amount of appliances you have plugged in, varying from expensive TV’s, computers, phones, right through to washing machines and fridges – these are all vulnerable to an electrical surge and could cost you thousands of pounds to replace.

SPD’s can be installed either in your fuse board, or at an area close to it. If there was ever a surge to happen in your area, the surge protection device absorbs the over voltage and protects your fuse board (and more importantly, all devices plugged in!). If you are interested in the installation of surge protection devices, the please get in touch for a free no obligation quote. 

Leading Electrical Solutions Electrical Surge protection device


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