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Leading Electrical Solutions Edinburgh Office Lighting Installation Edinburgh Edinburgh

High quality and efficient office lighting is essential not only to enhance your workplace, although, bright workplace will reflect a better image than a dull, poorly lit space, but it will also reflect on how your employees feel and perform. Poor office lighting breaches the Health and Safety at Work Regulations as well as placing the workforce at risk of significant effects such as eye-strain, headaches, fatigue and stress.

When it comes to office lighting our experienced team can help. We undertake projects both large and small, projects involving purely relocating light fittings to accommodate a new desk layout for example, to installing a full new lighting scheme across several floors. Our designers offer you design flair, practical experience and project management skills for the ultimate in lighting design.

All electrical installations carried out conform to current regulations and all our electrical contractors are NICEIC approved, so you can rest assured that not only will you be receiving the best lighting designs appropriate to your premises but they will be fitted by experienced registered electricians.

We believe good illumination within offices is essential to create a pleasant and productive working environment. Contact us now for a no obligation quote.

Some things to consider when reviewing the lighting in your workplace.

  • Provision of emergency lighting
  • Operating costs and maintenance
  • Introduction of task/direct lighting
  • Office layout – open plan? Number of windows?
  • Avoid fluorescent lighting where possible
  • Office furniture – dark surfaces reflect very little light
Leading Electrical Solutions Edinburgh Office Lighting Installation Edinburgh Edinburgh

LED Lighting

Here at Leading Electrical Solutions, we have supplied and installed environmentally friendly lighting solutions to offices across Scotland for many years. LED lighting is an extremely cost-effective lighting option and can be supplied to a wide range of properties ranging from residential to retail outlets. We want to help you reduce your carbon footprint and this environmentally friendly lighting is guaranteed to do just that. You can reduce your electricity bills and energy prices with LED lighting and our team of qualified engineers have experience installing them in all types of properties, suiting the requirements for a range of customers.

LED Light Benefits

  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 90%
  • Reduction in annual maintenance costs of between 70% & 90%
  • Reduce building heat loads for further energy savings
  • Low payback periods on investment can be achieved
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – Meet customer/supply chain sustainability demands and provide a very “visual” demonstration of a business sustainability or carbon reduction project.
  • Reduced light pollution
  • Toxicity – LED lights do not contain mercury, unlike florescent lamps so are environmentally friendly.
  • Low energy consumption
  • LEDs improve the light quality making it better health & safety
  • LED produce more light per watt than ordinary light bulbs
    Lifespan on LED lamps can be up to 30 times longer than traditional lamps
  • Incandescent and Florescent bulbs are fragile – LED’s are made with solid state components making it difficult to break with external shock.

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