Leading Electrical Solutions Fire Safety

Tips on Electrical Fire Safety – How to keep your home safe from a fire

It is of paramount importance that your home has a working mains smoke alarm on each level. If a fire was to start, this could give you and your loved ones enough time to get out of the building safely. Closed doors help slow down the spread of harmful smoke and flames, so always make sure they’re closed before going to bed at night.

More often than not, fires start in the kitchen so you should never leave a cooker on unattended while it is being used. Candles are another that should always be kept away from pets, children and potential risky objects such as curtains or flammable materials. 

Leading Electrical Solutions Fire Safety

Office fires

More often than not, fire prevention in offices is not something you’ll be taught at work. So we’ve compiled a list below stating some do’s and don’ts.


  • Inspect electrical leads every 6 months and have any electrical items PAT tested every 12 months to ensure there is no damaged leads or equipment in the office.
  • Have fire evacuation plans in place and posted throughout various areas of the building so if anyone has to evacuate the building in an emergency they know the safest route possible.
  • Nominate designated fire wardens throughout the workforce and practise with a fire drill on numerous occasions.


Don’t overload your electrical sockets with extension leads. These are usually made with cheap materials and often overheat and burn out if too many items are plugged in. 


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