Security Lighting

Security Lighting in Edinburgh

Installing additional security lighting points to the exterior parts of your home is a strong recommendation when it comes to keeping potential burglars at bay. 

With the rise of break-ins throughout central Scotland increasing, our engineers at Leading Electrical Solutions recommend that at the very minimum you should have some form of security lighting installed to increase your safety.

We recommend that outdoor security lights be fitted in certain areas as a bare minimum. Specific areas to focus on would be outside the front of your home, along any paths at the side of the building or outside patio doors.

With certain fittings having in built sensors (known as PIR sensors), these act as a switch without you having to control them constantly. If someone is to walk within 10 metres of the light, the sensor is triggered and the light is activated. If the security light is on this can act as a huge deterrent to a burglar as they won’t be attempting to enter the building when they’re lit up for all to see. We can arrange a free on site visit to assess the best options available to suit your home or building, along with a variety of light fittings and sensors that are on the market today. All our security light fittings that we install come with a 12 month manufacturers guarantee.

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