Smoke Alarm Installation

Essential and compliant smoke alarm systems

A working smoke alarm is essential in your home or business. It can provide you with a vital early warning if there’s a potential fire in the building, which can potentially save you or your loved ones life.

As approved Aico Expert Installers, we have undergone a high level of bespoke training, development and technical guidance to inform our customers that as a bare minimum you should have a smoke detector in your hall, lounge and heat detector in your kitchen. With over 5000 reported fires in 2017/18 in Scotland, we urge that you have some form of fire detection system in place for your safety and peace of mind.

Interlinked hard wired smoke alarms combined with heat detectors are the gold standard for new properties and have been enshrined in legislation. Don't protect your family less, just because you live in an older property.

Never change batteries again! Get a quote for an Aico smoke alarm system today!

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