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Nest Learning Thermostat

Our electricians here at Leading Electrical Solutions are fully qualified Nest Approved Pro installers.

A Nest thermostat learns the temperatures that you like when you are at home and then programs itself. It automatically turns down the heating when you’re away to help save energy and reduce your bills.

Many thermostats are programmable. You enter every temperature change that you want throughout the day or choose a start and stop time to heat your home. It’s annoying and complicated, so many people don’t even bother. You don’t have to program a Nest thermostat. Just change the temperature whenever you like during the first few days after it's been installed. It will get to know the temperatures that you like and when you want them. Then it programs itself and creates a weekly temperature schedule.

Heating is on average around 60% of your energy bill and this is where the Nest Self Learning Thermostat will help you reduce this cost.

If you are out of your property and have forgot to switch off the heating or hot water, this can be done through the Nest app on your mobile or smart device giving you total control whilst away from your home.

The Nest thermostat collects data from its usage over time, learning the patterns of the user which in turn automatically adjusts the heating to switch off when you are away from home. Having the ability to turn this on or off ensures you never have to return to a cold home again – simply turn the heating on through your phone or smart device before heading home prior to returning and voila! A nice warm home upon entry – perfect for winter nights or cold Scottish summer days.

To get the full features of a smart thermostat you need to have a wireless internet connection at your property. Our electricians can set up your smart thermostat to your existing boiler so you can get all the benefits of using a smart heating system without having a costly upgrade to your boiler.

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